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In spite of such long years of learning, our students are still incapacitated by daily problems and emotional hangovers. ED Media imparts quality life education to youth, students, parents, Teachers and Companies. With 120+ life cafes in  towns and cities across India, ED Media's ED Campus is rapidly gaining popularity as India’s first and the most sought after life-skill imparting enterprise in the country today. Do write to us to reach your destiny with meaning and purpose .

Our Philosophy

Everyone has a search for personal meaning and purpose.  As a change agent, ED Media through its various services helps people to find meaning, purpose, set goals, plan personal and institutional development and reach there with the help of  thousands of others who are on the same path with different talents and skills. 

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To become the ultimate life changing consulting and training agency in the educational and development spheres of families, students, youth, NGOs, and educational organizations.

To become the ultimate organization that helps facilitates individuals, groups, Institutions to grow their full stature of perfection with personal fulfillment and socio, economic, political growth through life planning, career planning, business planning, training and formation through using latest technology and communications media.

The goals of the ED Media are to:

• Educate ourselves & others about LIFE SKILLS.
• Educate the importance of Individual Uniqueness 
• Self assessments and life planning
• Education on Emotional intelligence
• Education on Understanding the purpose life
• Promote businesses we believe in and want to succeed
• Employment and business exchange among us!
• Education and formation on Corporate Buying/selling etc… .

• Truth is one
• Everybody in the world is interlinked
• Need based education
• Critical learning for formation
• Win – win concept 
• Participatory style of functioning