Take this excellent and complete basic wordpress training course for beginners. With 23 Chapters you get to master the most widely used website and content management platform. You cannot but take this course if you truly want to build yourself up suitable for the modern day job market.

Complete WordPress Training for beginners course covers Installation and Setup, Security, Email, Social Media, and much more!

Take this excellent and complete basic wordpress training course for beginners. With 23 Chapters you get to master the most widely used website and content management platform. You cannot but take this course if you truly want to build yourself up suitable for the modern day job market.

With this excellent course with which you can just imitate how you can design wordpress sites easily and start earning enough money selling products, services and memberships. There are a lot of interesting things that can be achieved after learning this course.


Create Amazing WordPress site filled with features & functionality

Hosting and WordPress installation

Create colourful Websites for clients and friends

Understanding content creation and management

Understanding of WordPress Comments, Discuss Comments

Complete understanding of social media integration and techniques

Lead generation and collecting emails

How to install extra special effects and features

Industry standard security techniques to ensure your blog is safe from hackers

Ability to create your first website & blog, with a complete technical understanding


You want to create a website by yourself

You want to create a company  or business

You want to design without coding knowledge

You want to build a beautiful website & blogsite

You want to make money online

You want to sell some products

You want to put all the content or articles you have written or collected

You want to show your skills in design, photography, art & writing

You want to reach a large number of audience

You want to automate your business deliverables and finally

You want to do good to society with large supporters base



You should be somewhat familiar using your computer or laptop

Some basic skills in English language to understand technical details

You don’t need to know wordpress previously


Those who do this course seriously and win EXCELLENT LEARNER Badge will be eligible for the following:

You will receive Excellent Learner Badge

You will receive special points with which you can buy more courses /products

You will receive a course certificate

You will get assistance from the EDCampus Team

You will be eligible for other free courses



Course Curriculum

1. WordPress Installation Details 00:02:00
In this unit, you will learn about installing wordpress and all steps connected to installing this content management platform.
Install WordPress in your server00:00
2. Understanding Dashboard Details 00:06:00
Dashboard is the main place from where you can modify many important aspects of the wordpress site. It is important to know where the main controls are placed and how to use them.
3. Posting Content Details 00:05:00
Creating posts is one of the important aspects of developing a website. Learn how to do it perfectly . This is one of the places where your SEO features can be applied to by writing the right kind of posts.
4. Editing Posts Details 00:04:00
Learn how to edit posts in this unit. There are moments when you realise that a post can be written better for a particular audience. That is the time you begin editing the posts you had already posted. This unit will teach you exactly how you can edit everyone of your posts.
5. Using Tags and Categories Details 00:02:00
Use wisely this section of the wordpress to organise your contents. It helps you to retrieve them at a time of your need.
6. Understanding Links Details 00:03:00
Learn how to attach external or internal links in this unit. Engaging your readers or users of your web site or portal is important. Watch the video carefully to take advantage of this feature.
7. Creating Pages Details 00:03:00
Watch the video to learn abut the right way of creating and using pages to drive your visitors to the right contents.
8. Managing Comments Details 00:02:00
This one areas where you need a lot of caution as your wordpress site can be filled with unwanted comments from all kinds of robots. Watch the video to learn the right ways of using or trashing your comments section.
9. Using WordPress Themes Details 00:02:00
This is an important aspect of the wordpress website creation. It is the themes that make your site look attractive. The user experience depends on the theme you select and the functionalities the theme can offer. Above all the maneuverability is yet another important aspect. Watch this video carefully to become a smart WordPress web developer.
10. Adding a WordPress Theme Details 00:03:00
Learn to add a theme. IF you have bought this course you will be provided with a set of free thees and images to successfully create the website. Try to use them following the instructions given in this video lesson.
11. Handling Widgets Details 00:10:00
Widgets help you to use the functionalities provided by wordpress and the plugins you have installed. Watch the videos to learn the basics of using widgets appropriately.
12. Editing Codes with Different Editors Details 00:02:00
There are times when you will require to edit or tweak your wrodpress site. This part, if taken for granted, can spoil your website or even make your site to disappear. So, it is important to carefully learn this part of the wordpress website creation.
13. Adding Plugins Details 00:03:00
Plugins give you the comfort of having lots of functionalities that will not come generally incorporated in your themes. any a times you will need special functionalities for which you will have to install specail plugins many of which are available free with limited functionalities. Whereas you will have to install plugins with functionalities to make your website deliver the required functionalities. Watch this video and learn about the advantages and problems involved in using additional plugins.
14. Tools Available in WordPress Details 00:02:00
A few additional tools can be used to save time and energy. Watch this video lesson to learn all of them.
15. Managing Users Details 00:05:00
A powerful function to add different types of users of your site. There are admins, writers, contributors, editors and similar roles can be assigned with the use of this functionality in wordpress. Watch the video to learn more.
16. Defining General Setting Details 00:03:00
Learn to fix General Settings with this video. Setting up the Home Page and the Blog post age are some of the important aspects of this settings. It will also set clearly whether the latest post should appear first or you want the user to come to a particular page to visit every time they enter your site.
17. Defining Writing Settings Details 00:03:00
18. Defining Reading Settings Details 00:03:00
Define what the reader or the user has to read as they enter your site. Should they read specific posts or the latest posts? Watch video to understand this aspect and learn how to apply them.
19. Defining Discussion Settings Details 00:03:00
Understand what kind of comments to allow in our site and how many threads can be allowed etc can be decided based on the video lesson presented here.
20. Defining Permalinks Settings Details 00:03:00
Learn how to set up the way the links are created every time you add a post, page or any content. Watch video and practice accordingly.
21. Defining Other Settings Details 00:01:00
Learn how finalize about the other settings to control the way the complete wordpress site works. Watch the video to learn more.
22. Uploading Media Details 00:05:00
Images, Videos and documents play an important part of any site. Whatever type of web portal you run, you need to upload many images and videos. Watch this videos to learn how to do it right.
23. Some Tricks with WordPress Details 00:09:00
Give a finishing touch by learning some of the simple tricks of designing a good wordpress site. Watch the video to learn more.

Course Reviews


16 ratings
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  • 5 stars12
  1. Easy course! Cost Effective...

    Great course but easy to practice. Appreciate the concern of ED Campus to reduce its cost to make it easy for us to learn. Thanks.

    – Mani Maran

  2. Highly Recommended For All women and ChildreW

    Ideal course for women and girls who wish to start earning income sitting at home, doing online promotion or social media marketing. This is the foundational course which all girls and women must undergo to see how useful it will be for them..

    – Keerthana

  3. Most Useful for Students...

    I Would highly recommend this course for all students especially. Video lessons are excellent and makes our learning easy and fun. This is one of my favorite courses so far at ED Campus.

    – Rajeshwari

  4. Detailed Training Course

    I did get the broader and complete picture of creating a wordpress site, but relevant practical knowledge of up-to-date web development skills & tools to have was dealt with in sufficient details, only leaving out irrelevant information. Unique engaging and responsive approach indeed.

    – Preetham


    This is one of the best courses I have gone through. Even though I’ve started a WordPress site many years ago, there were so many things I didn’t understand or execute. I can honestly say that I learned something new in each chapter. Most of what I was taught in this course were new and helpful. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to establish something worthwhile: a business or a service delivery, to take this course to learn fully on WordPress.

    – Meganathan

  6. Best Course for beginners in Wordpress

    Very good course for beginners wanting to set up a website. The course give complete basics of WordPress, its settings and offers a way of building a blog site or web site step by step. I am satisfied because the course covers all the key aspects.

    – Raghuvaran

  7. Able to understand much more about wordpress

    WordPress is the best option for all self learners like me, and what I have learnt so fare has given me new tips & tricks. I am able to understand much more now as I go through the course and about to complete it.

    – Harsha Sridharan

  8. Good Course... But Some Tips on Earning woud be nice

    The course was good. But, I expect some downloads along with that to follow up. It is true I have enough materials on wordpress. I thought some extra tips of using them to make money would be better.

    – Chinnathambi

  9. It's a powerful course for young people

    It’s a powerful course for young people. Ever since I completed I found a new world in WordPress.I am giving shape to all my wild thoughts and started earning money too.

    – Vincent Vijayan

  10. I like the point system that boosts us

    I like the point systems that boosts us to learn and through which I am able to buy more courses without having to spend extra for it. You people have taken this creative teaching so seriously that anyone who enters EDCampus has to develop himself or herself.

    – Amala Tejaswini

  11. It thrills to do a course in ED Campus

    It thrills to do a course in ED Campus. There are other participants with whom I am able to chat, send study materials, have discussions and highly interactive online.

    – Ruban Sagayaraj

  12. Will be happy to get practical exercises too

    Honestly, it is a great course meant for young students and youth. It would be nice to give us practical exercises and evaluate them too.

    – Thanigaimalai

  13. I am confident to take up the next level

    Easy to understand and practice. I guess there are 3 Levels. I am confident that I will be taking up the Scholar level in a few weeks to move on to the next level.

    – Veni Thirulogasundari

  14. Reveals the secret to loads of career opportunities and avenues

    This training reveals the secret to loads of career opportunities and avenues one can have as a result of this great skill. No wonder why the number of people who take up has increased exponentially. Thanks for making it so good.

    – Terrence Paul

  15. I was eager to do the next chapter just as I would wait for the Tv serial

    I was wondering how I will manage doing this course for 23 days! After finishing each day’s lessons, I was eager to do the next just as I would love to wait for the next episode in a serial. Great course.

    – Vishwapriya

  16. It's a happy feeling when you learn wordpress

    It’s a happy feeling when you learn wordpress. I never knew it can be fun. I thoroughly enjoyed learning this wordpress course.

    – Shyam Sundar

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