More than half of all women lack access to the online world. That means more than 2 billion women don’t have access to the benefits of being online. Through a digital literacy program, women in digitally isolated communities gain the skills to get online and source information, helping them to bring the world’s opportunities to them. Women can then train their community and help others to get online too.

While women are being encouraged to become a part of the Digital India Mission and as the first step, become digitally literate, the key questions to be asked include—what needs to be done to help them take advantage of their digital literacy status, what are the expectations we are creating and how are we meeting their expectations? The feasibility to communicate freely and rethink the boundaries of their world is the starting point for the women netizens who have traditionally been made to believe that their worlds begin and end where they physically reside. Women are naturally endowed with interest in communicating and the availability of tools for access of information required and for interactions with the help of inexpensive ‘always on’ devices would sustain their interest and engagement with the digital platform.

ED Campus has been initiated with the vision to empower at least one woman per household with crucial digital literacy skills by 2020 in places where we function. This is expected to touch the lives of more than 250 million individuals over the next few years. This is an effort to complement society’s vision to transform every woman from each household as digitally literate. The project aims at helping women with low technological literacy develop the skills they need to interact in an increasingly digital world. Even if a woman has a mobile studies have shown that the use of smart mobiles is very less. We want each woman to discover the benefits of having a smart phone. We want women to be financially able to reach out to society which lives in a digital world. We want woman to walk the same stride with their kids in knowing the digital world.

Course Curriculum

Digital Literacy - Today, being literate is not just limited to being able to read and write any language; it is much more than that. Digital Literacy is becoming as important as traditional literacy.
Use of mobile 00:00:00
Use of Laptop 00:00:00
Using a keyboard 00:00:00
Digital Literacy Quiz 00:10:00
Online Basics of Internet 00:00:00
Online forms 00:00:00
Using email 00:00:00
Using Search Engine 00:00:00
Office programs 00:00:00
Documents 00:00:00
Spreadsheet 00:00:00
Power Point Presentation 00:00:00

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