Don’t stop enjoying life. One of the common mistake an individual makes is to totally changes his lifestyle. This is under the assumption that if he isolates himself from all leisure and fun times with friends and family and only study, then he will do better.

One of the best ways to prepare for upcoming exams is to note and reflect on errors you’ve made on previous exams. This is especially useful if you have already had an exam this semester in the same course or with the same instructor in a previous course. However, it is a helpful process even when you are looking at exams from other courses.

As you look at your previous exam(s), do you notice any of the following?

  • I did not study enough or I studied the wrong information.
  • I experienced symptoms of exam anxiety, such as mental block, panic or inability to concentrate.
  • I made careless errors, like not following the directions or not noticing tricky wording.
  • I lacked test-writing skills: I did not understand what was required or I wrote incomplete answers.

Once you have noticed the patterns in your errors, you can start to develop strategies for addressing them.


This section looks at exams and exam techniques and covers:

  1. Before the exam – night before and on the day
  2. During the exam
  3. After the exam – post mortems, relaxation, time management
  4. Discussion of stress


Much of this will be practical tips for the exam situation – the section on revision covered time management, and the preparation in the weeks before the exam, which are also very important! The section will largely focus on essay type exam questions, but some tips on multiple choice exams are also included.


And remember , Exam is not life , it is an evaluation method to help you get skilled and give you knowledge for life. So hope this has helped you to prepare , face and sit out an exam. Whatever you do will be fruitful by the effort, time and technique you apply. So your exams are in your hands. And there is never so much of difficulty as through going one. Look at the exam as a challenge not an obstacle and soon you will succeed in it.

Course Curriculum

Preparation for the exam
Study Plan 00:00:00
Time management 00:00:00
Accessories to good preparation 00:00:00
On Exam Day
Tips to keep you planned and proactive 00:00:00
After the Exams
Evaluate your challenge 00:00:00

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