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Personal hygiene is very important for a growing person to be healthy and wise. In these modern times time spent on self is not considered important. The sacred space of a home can become our office , our meeting hall and the list goes on.

Personal hygiene is the act of taking care of our health and well-being by keeping ourselves clean. Children get in touch with a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria when they go out. Whether they go to the school, park or any other place, they touch things that have bacteria, which get transferred to their hands. When the bacteria find their way into a child’s body, he is prone to diseases and illnesses.

We can prevent this by developing personal hygiene habits.

Importance Of Personal Hygiene For Children

Not maintaining personal hygiene has its implications. Children who live in unhygienic conditions and have poor personal hygiene are prone to illnesses as their immune system is not as strong as that of the adults.

Good personal hygiene habits enable your children to:

  • stay healthy, free from illnesses and diseases caused due to bacteria.
  • feel good about themselves.
  • maintain and enjoy a healthy body image – people with poor personal hygiene have a negative body image, which can disrupt their social life.
  • develop a healthy personality – being clean, well-dressed and well-represented boosts one’s self-image, which in turn increases their confidence and their chances of success in professional as well as social lives.

Children do not have the knowledge or skills to take care of their personal hygiene. Therefore, parents need to oversee their habits. The best way to teach kids about hygiene is to start early, with simple practices at home. Read on to know more about the healthy habits that you can help your child develop.

Poor personal hygiene makes your children susceptible to disease. But it does not have to be that way. You can keep your kids healthy and away from bacteria-causing disease by practicing the personal hygiene habits discussed above. If your children already practice good hygiene then that is great. If not, now is a good time to teach them.

Course Curriculum

Following proper health and hygiene practices for and by children is extremely crucial and helps in keeping germs and diseases at a bay. Whenever they touch dusty areas, deadly microorganisms can transfer onto their hands, food and eventually into their stomach and cause diseases. Certain habits can be practised as a foundation to ensure health and hygiene for kids. The best way to get your child to understand this is by teaching them ways to practice from an early stage.
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