Enneagram RHETI Personality Test

Tick the box () to the right of the statement you have selected as more true of  you most of the time.
For example, if you feel that a statement such as “I have been friendly
and outgoing” fits you better than “I have been shy and quiet,” mark an X in the box to the
right of the first statement. Of course, you may, at times have been somewhat shy and quiet,
or you may not always have been friendly and outgoing. But if you were forced to choose
between the two, which statement more accurately reflects your past general behaviour and
* Remember that there are no “right” answers and that no personality type is better than any
other. Furthermore, the RHETI does not indicate how healthy or unhealthy a person is, so
relax and answer the statements simply and honestly.
* Do not over-analyze the questions, or try to think of “exceptions to the rule.” Be
spontaneous and choose the statement that comes closest to the way you have been most of
the time, most of your life.
* If you have difficulty discovering your personality type because two or more top scores are
very close, you might find it helpful to discuss your responses with someone who knows
you well, such as a spouse, close friend, or therapist.
The RHETI Sampler usually takes about 10 minutes to complete.

  • Discovering which of the nine types is your basic personality type is the object of this test. If you
    have answered honestly and accurately, your basic personality type should be one of the top
    three scores.
  • To confirm your results, read the short type descriptions on the next page, and for complete
    descriptions in Personality Types, Wisdom of The Enneagram.
  • If properly taken, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator will have accurately assessed your
    basic personality type. If the results you have obtained are unclear, please review your responses
    to see if, on further reflection, you wish to change any of them.

Required fields are marked *

1.I have been *
2.I have tended *
3.I have typically been *
4.I have tended to be *
5.I have been a *
6.Generally, it’s been *
7.I’ve been more of a *
8.I have *
9.When presented with a new experience, I’ve usually asked myself if it would be *
10.I have tended to focus too much *
11.Others have depended on *
12.I have come across as being *
13.I have been *
14.I have *
15.It’s been difficult for me *
16.I have tended to be *
17.My *
18.Usually, I have *
19.Generally, I have been *
20.I have tended to be *
21.I’ve often felt the need *
22.I’ve typically been interested *
23.I’ve been *
24.I’ve often worried that *
25.My habit of *
26.Usually, when troubles have gotten to me, *
27.I have *
28.I have tended to be *
29.I have liked *
30.I have generally been *
31.I’ve usually *
32.Usually for me *
33.When I’ve had conflict with others, *
34.I have *
35.I’ve been appreciated for my *
36.Much of my success has been *

17 September, 2019

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